Are Hoverboard Listings on eBay Being Removed?

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Are Hoverboard Listings on eBay Being Removed?

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There was a time when self-balancing electric hoverboards were the highest selling items during Christmas around the globe. However, with time, the popularity and use of these electric scooters decreased. It is simply because people weren’t really sure how to use them. They were not using them correctly and as a result, many cases of accidents and damages caused due to these hoverboards were recorded

Although, it has been scientifically proven that these hoverboards are highly unsafe to be used, people were still buying and riding them. As a result, many other online stores like Amazon stopped selling hoverboards. However, the hoverboard eBay listing removed wasn’t an option that eBay considered.

This article further talks about the reasons behind the risk of these hoverboards and banning of the product at different online stores.



So, why were hoverboards considered unsafe and banned?

Low-cost batteries:

These hoverboards use lithium ion battery packs to operate, which are low-cost batteries. You must know that the liquid present around the battery is highly flammable and leads to fire if there is any short circuit in it. The short circuit punctures the inner sheet of plastic heating the electrolyte. In addition to this, a defective battery may also lead to a big accident. The battery may have small sharp metal particles that can puncture. It usually happens when batteries are fully charged and heat is generated inside it. The cell casing can rupture and cause fire.

Solution: Don’t overcharge the hoverboard. While charging ensure that it’s not kept in a closed place.

Thicker plastic:

The modern self-balancing two wheel electric scooter are actually made up of thicker plastic, which are less reliable. It is known that this thicker plastic can hardly be used as a crowbar. However, earlier in the 1980s, the state-of-affairs were little different. The skateboards at that time were skinnier and were easy to ride. As a result, the number of accidents was less in the early times as compared to present times with these electronic hoverboards.

Solution: Always follow the instruction on how to ride the hoverboard. Since they are quite different from the regular skateboards, the getting on, getting off and riding techniques differ.

Magnetic limitation:

The major drawback of these hoverboards is that they depend on magnets to operate. Yes, these electric two wheeler scooters hover slightly above the ground with the help of the magnets just like maglev trains. However, the ground needs to have non-ferrous metals in it to let the magnet work fully. Many people who have used skateboard earlier still find it difficult to ride a hoverboard and operate its controls efficiently. Thus, lack of controls only lead to accidents and damages.

Solution: Ride the hoverboards on flat surfaces. If you’re riding for the first time, try and practice indoors until you get the hang of riding them.

Unstable at turns:

It is true that the hoverboards are unstable at turns. As compared to the snowboards and skateboards that are pretty stable at turns, hoverboards are not. These two wheel electric scooter do not have any lateral stability to avoid tipping or sliding of board sideways. To add on, the axle of this electric scooter does not swivel like it does in a skateboard truck. It means that taking a turn with a hoverboard is just a joke. It never reaches to stability when you are ready to take turn left or right. This very drawback has led to number of accidents and casualties.

Solution: Always be careful while taking turns. Since hoverboards don’t function like the normal snowboards and skateboards, the turning technique also differs.



Hoverboards Banned from Online Stores

After considering the dangers of the two wheel electric scooter, many online stores have banned it completely. Ranking on the top is Amazon and others. In fact, Amazon sent mails to the customers who bought the hoverboard from them to return it as soon as possible. The store mentioned that these electric scooters were unsafe for the people and that they will send complete refund to the customer on returning it. They further said that the consumers who have already bought any of the hoverboard must talk to the retailer and attain a written assurance stating that it is completely safe to be used.

The online store promised that the customers with the faulty models of the hoverboards will receive the refund ranging between £200 and £500 within a few business days. Following Amazon, various other online sites have also banned it. Nonetheless, eBay is one of those sites, which is still selling different kinds of hoverboards and its accessories. The hoverboard eBay listing removed is not an option for them as they still continue to sell it to satisfy their customers’ demands.