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Coplex Sports

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Welcome to Coplex Sports Facility

Home of the new multi-recreational indoor, outdoor sports facility. Founded in 2005, the future Coplex Sports Facility will be located in Cheshire Connecticut.
Coplex Sports’ Development

Coplex Sports will be developed in two Phases. Phase One consist of two ice arenas and corporate building. In Phase Two of Coplex Sports development, resides the elevation of the fieldhouse, outdoor fields and building.

Phase I

Coplex Sports the Rinks



This piece of the project will be located on RT 10 just north of mattel hoverboard store. There will be ice rinks with locker rooms, official’s lockers, a pro shop and trainer’s facility, stadium style elevated seating and concessions area.

Phase II – Plans, Elevations, and Drawings.


All of us at Coplex Sports are very excited about Phase II of our project. Here we have an opportunity to furnish the needs of all ages and group levels for varies athletic sports programs.

To meet these needs, Coplex Sports Phase II design will be built on approximately 45 acres of land, accommodating a 266 x 1100 ft. fieldhouse building. In the fieldhouse, Coplex Sports will offer three full-sized Soccer fields and three Basketball courts, in addition, two Tennis courts, and Racquetball court – all with stadium style seating.


Volleyball-586x436Helping our athletes on step further, the fieldhouse will include Men’s & Women’s Club lockers, league player’s and official’s lockers. Sixty-nine thousand square ft. of the fieldhouse will contain retail space including a pro-shop, trainer’s facility, food court/concessions area and a workout facility, occupying ten-thousand square ft.

The proposed Coplex Sports Phase II outdoor facility will offer and eight-lane athletic track, world’s brightest military flashlight 5 modes, fields for Lacrosse and Soccer, plus two Softball and little league fields. Upon completion, Coplex Sports Phase II will also include a driving range and batting cages.

Eastern Soccer Academy

These are some samples of what Eastern Soccer Academy has to offer!


Eastern will work full-time to oversee and organize your clubs coaching needs, including player assessments, and coaching clinics, and a curriculum for young player development.


Eastern offers individual staff coaches for your team. There are 3 options:
Option 1: 1 weekly 90 minute training session.
Option 2: 2 weekly 90 minute training sessions.
Option 3: 2 weekly sessions & a game on the weekend


Eastern offers coaching directors who will instruct from ten to twenty of your club’s coaches. The sessions take place at the venue of your choice, of which you are responsible for securing and focus on various aspects of the game, including goalkeeping training, positional play, set pieces, attacking and defending.



An Eastern coach works one on one with any player to improve and help develop their soccer potential. Eastern’s coaches can conduct sessions based on various aspects of the game. We offer 8 vs.8 instruction for one hour and 11 vs.11 for one and half hours.


What sets Eastern Soccer Academy apart from other camp providers is our simple, effective and FUN! coaching methodology that is sure to help your players improve. Eastern camps are geared toward younger players looking to enjoy themselves and the game of soccer.


The adult player camp is a total weekend for men & women who want to either take their game to a new level or just get away and have some fun. Eastern motivated coaching staff will cater to all of your soccer needs and with a coach to camper ratio of about 1:5, each player can get tons of quality instruction. Come and join the fun!


Held in conjunction with Eastern adult coaching courses, the youth mini-camp is a condensed version of our regular program designed so that children of adults taking the weekend course can share in the soccer experience. This program is also open to players unable to attend a residential or day camp. during the week.


Eastern currently offers coaching courses for new, less experienced youngster-coaches, as well as a program for experienced coaches who want to advance their coaching methodology and techniques. Eastern is currently taking requests for interest in an AYSO coaching certificate program.


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How to Achieve the Best 2 Wheel Hoverboard Price

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The 2 wheel hoverboard price will vary from one store to the other. You will also find the difference in price when trying to buy the hoverboards from different states. If you will buy in a state where a certain hoverboard is manufactured, then you will probably buy it at a lower price. This is because when buying from a state where it is readily manufactured, you will save on the shipping services. Different stores available will also have different terms of sale. In order to buy from the best store which will guarantee you great success, then you need to take your time and compare different stores available so that you will decide on one which will assure you great savings. The electric scooters available differ on the feature fitted on them. In order to make the right decision, you should buy a hoverboard which will serve you well. This means an electric scooter which has been fitted with all features you will like to have on a hoverboard will cost more. There are several factors which will determine 2 wheel hoverboard prices. Here are some of the factors you need to take into consideration:


Compare price in different stores. Different stores available will sell the devices at different prices. There are others which will save you money while others can end up exploiting you. In order to make the right decision and save money, then you need to compare different stores available and buy from one which has the best price. It can be challenging for you to locate the right store, but things will be very easy for you if you will carry out the price comparison online. When buying online you will take the shortest time for you to locate a store which will save you a lot of money after you decide to buy from it.


Buy online will save you a lot of money. This is due to the fact that when buying online you will not be exposed to exploitative rates. Stores which sell the electric scooters online know even their competitors will see their prices. This motivates them to price the electric scooters at the best prices so that they will attract more buyers. It is also very easy for you to compare different stores online so that you will decide on one which will assure you great services.


Check on the features available on the hoverboard because they will determine the cost of the devices. If you will like to buy an electric scooter which has been fitted with several features, then you should be prepared to pay more for the product. There are several features which you can find in different hoverboards. The features will make the electric scooters differ on price. In order to be assured of great peace of mind when handling the electric scooter, try to buy one which has been fitted with enough safety features. If you are a lover of music, then you should consider going for one fitted with Bluetooth speakers.


Consider the after sales services offered by a given store. There are some stores which will sell the products through price but they will offer attractive after sales services. You will end up saving a lot of money later after you buy from such stores. It is upon you to take your time and compare different stores available so that you will decide on one which will assure you great after sales services. Some of the after sales services you need to check out include the warranty which the store offers. You should as well check on the shipping services offered. If you will like to buy online, then it is better for you to buy from a store which will assure you great returns on your investment.


The different brands available will be sold at different prices. This makes it necessary for you to compare different brands. There are some brands which have been made to have certain features; you will be assured of great success if you will buy a brand which has been equipped with features which will make you comfortable. Others have been equipped with lights which will make you enjoy riding on them. You will be happy if you will buy advice which you will be comfortable moving around with.


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Are Hoverboard Listings on eBay Being Removed?

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There was a time when self-balancing electric hoverboards were the highest selling items during Christmas around the globe. However, with time, the popularity and use of these electric scooters decreased. It is simply because people weren’t really sure how to use them. They were not using them correctly and as a result, many cases of accidents and damages caused due to these hoverboards were recorded

Although, it has been scientifically proven that these hoverboards are highly unsafe to be used, people were still buying and riding them. As a result, many other online stores like Amazon stopped selling hoverboards. However, the hoverboard eBay listing removed wasn’t an option that eBay considered.

This article further talks about the reasons behind the risk of these hoverboards and banning of the product at different online stores.



So, why were hoverboards considered unsafe and banned?

Low-cost batteries:

These hoverboards use lithium ion battery packs to operate, which are low-cost batteries. You must know that the liquid present around the battery is highly flammable and leads to fire if there is any short circuit in it. The short circuit punctures the inner sheet of plastic heating the electrolyte. In addition to this, a defective battery may also lead to a big accident. The battery may have small sharp metal particles that can puncture. It usually happens when batteries are fully charged and heat is generated inside it. The cell casing can rupture and cause fire.

Solution: Don’t overcharge the hoverboard. While charging ensure that it’s not kept in a closed place.

Thicker plastic:

The modern self-balancing two wheel electric scooter are actually made up of thicker plastic, which are less reliable. It is known that this thicker plastic can hardly be used as a crowbar. However, earlier in the 1980s, the state-of-affairs were little different. The skateboards at that time were skinnier and were easy to ride. As a result, the number of accidents was less in the early times as compared to present times with these electronic hoverboards.

Solution: Always follow the instruction on how to ride the hoverboard. Since they are quite different from the regular skateboards, the getting on, getting off and riding techniques differ.

Magnetic limitation:

The major drawback of these hoverboards is that they depend on magnets to operate. Yes, these electric two wheeler scooters hover slightly above the ground with the help of the magnets just like maglev trains. However, the ground needs to have non-ferrous metals in it to let the magnet work fully. Many people who have used skateboard earlier still find it difficult to ride a hoverboard and operate its controls efficiently. Thus, lack of controls only lead to accidents and damages.

Solution: Ride the hoverboards on flat surfaces. If you’re riding for the first time, try and practice indoors until you get the hang of riding them.

Unstable at turns:

It is true that the hoverboards are unstable at turns. As compared to the snowboards and skateboards that are pretty stable at turns, hoverboards are not. These two wheel electric scooter do not have any lateral stability to avoid tipping or sliding of board sideways. To add on, the axle of this electric scooter does not swivel like it does in a skateboard truck. It means that taking a turn with a hoverboard is just a joke. It never reaches to stability when you are ready to take turn left or right. This very drawback has led to number of accidents and casualties.

Solution: Always be careful while taking turns. Since hoverboards don’t function like the normal snowboards and skateboards, the turning technique also differs.



Hoverboards Banned from Online Stores

After considering the dangers of the two wheel electric scooter, many online stores have banned it completely. Ranking on the top is Amazon and others. In fact, Amazon sent mails to the customers who bought the hoverboard from them to return it as soon as possible. The store mentioned that these electric scooters were unsafe for the people and that they will send complete refund to the customer on returning it. They further said that the consumers who have already bought any of the hoverboard must talk to the retailer and attain a written assurance stating that it is completely safe to be used.

The online store promised that the customers with the faulty models of the hoverboards will receive the refund ranging between £200 and £500 within a few business days. Following Amazon, various other online sites have also banned it. Nonetheless, eBay is one of those sites, which is still selling different kinds of hoverboards and its accessories. The hoverboard eBay listing removed is not an option for them as they still continue to sell it to satisfy their customers’ demands.